Sea Lanes is a new active leisure destination for Brighton and Hove. 

Without question, this is the city with the natural edge. It shares a special relativity with the sea. Sea Lanes lives up to that and invites everyone to immerse themselves in it.

Sea Lanes is a new leisure destination that will once again create an active dialogue with Madeira Drive and with the sea. Reaffirming Brighton’s reputation as the number one destination for open water swimming in the UK. Revitalising an underused and historic part of the city.

The bold design celebrates the rich history of Brighton and Hove’s spirit, its people and its architecture. It champions the idiosyncrasies and attitudes of a city with creativity and conviction. Sea Lanes is not just somewhere to spend time but a vital addition to our city's collective social and cultural heartbeat. 

Designed by We Like Today, in partnership with CopseMill Properties, SwimTrek and Swimmergy. Sea Lanes was selected as the winning bid for Brighton and Hove City Council’s expression of interest, for the Peter Pan site on Madeira Drive.

What facilities will Sea Lanes include?

  • A 50m open air heated swimming pool 
  • Indoor training pools
  • Lifeguard facilities
  • A boardwalk to allow disabled access to the beach and sea
  • Changing facilities
  • Bicycle storage
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Yoga and exercise studios
  • Therapy rooms
  • Pop-up shops for special events 
  • Retail spaces
  • Offices
  • Conference facilities