Swim coaching at sea lanes

The aim of the swim coaching sessions is to improve your swimming technique allowing you to swim faster and longer, with less effort. Whether you are an open water swimmer, triathlete, scenic or masters swimmer we can help you develop your swimming potential in a bespoke 1-to-1 session.

During the session we use high definition underwater cameras, to provide instantaneous visual analysis of your technique. Using the video playback, you can then see exactly what you are doing in the water and it allows us to make technical adjustments to your stroke.

The video of your session is then made available to you with voice-over analysis, so you can review it again as you continue your training and track the progress you make through multiple coaching sessions. As well as the video we will also suggest the most beneficial drills to improve your swimming.

Our Endless Pool
Sea Lanes Brighton swim takes place in an Endless Pool Elite, a counter-current swimming machine that is revolutionising swim instruction.

Utilising a 7.5-hp motor to create a :56/100 metre pace, the Elite offers the fastest, smoothest swim current available in any swimming machine. With a standard swim area of 2.44m x 4.27m x 1m and two custom-designed propellers operated by a single remote control, the Elite challenges even the finest swimmers.

The custom designed 61cm x 45.75cm outlet produces a flow of water that is wide, deep and smooth. By mounting the two propellers on either side of the long return channels the water travels further before it enters the propulsion housing giving it more time to straighten, thereby producing an ultra-smooth current.