Public consultation survey summary

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who completed our survey and provided invaluable feedback on our proposed SeaLanes Brighton plans.

A total of 550 questionnaires were completed. Of these, 532 (96.73%) identified themselves as a local resident and 18 (3.27%) as a local business representative. Below is a summary of the results:

  • 92.08% fully agreed or agreed that the 5-year temporary use of this site will bring vitality and help the future regeneration of Madeira Drive.
  • 64.73% really liked or liked like the colour scheme proposed for the buildings. Whilst 18.54% respondents disliked or really disliked the colour scheme.
  • 87.45% of respondents reported that they would visit the proposed SeaLanes Brighton development and/or use the planned facilities.
  • 93.27% fully support the need for providing additional swimming facilities in this location.
  • 89.92% fully support SeaLanes Brighton’s proposed development and vision for the former Peter Pan site.

Respondents provided 235 additional comments on the feedback questionnaire. All of the comments have been reviewed and summarised in the table below. Respondents may have identified more than one issue and as such each comment has been recorded separately.

Statement or response Number of responses
Fully support the project, exactly what Brighton needs including the wider regeneration of Madeira Drive 83
The swimming pool needs to be 50m 53
Concerns over the scheme’s design, colour scheme or visual impact 28
The scheme needs to be longer than 5 years 14
Concerns over swimming pool costs 7
Concerns over duplication / competition with Saltdean Lido 7

It is great to receive such positive support for the project and we look forward to keeping you updated on the project progress.

Share your thoughts with Brighton & Hove City Council

Our planning application is now live on the Brighton & Hove City Council planning portal and open for comment. It won't be open for public consultation for very long so if you'd like to comment on the application, please visit Brighton & Hove City Council’s planning portal to do so.

The application reference is BH2018/01973.