Sea Lanes resubmit revised plans to Brighton and Hove City Council

After our original plans were rejected in December, we carefully considered the reasons for refusal and our options, and we are delighted to announce that we are back with what we feel is a much-improved scheme. Revised plans for a 25m pool and leisure facility have been submitted to Brighton and Hove City Council. Together, we are working towards a decision in April.

“It was obviously very disappointing to have had our original plans rejected. We have listened to the detailed reasoning for rejection and have addressed each point in turn. We are delighted to be re-submitting what we believe to be a much-improved scheme. Rich and Nathan at We Like Today have done a great job in reconsidering the design in line with existing seafront buildings and the Terraces. We have been able to move the pool up the beach in line with Yellowave and reduce the loss of public beach, whilst maintaining all inclusive access to our scheme. Green roofs have also been added to support biodiversity on the site.

We are grateful for all the support this city has shown us. We hope you like it.”

Joe McNulty of Sea Lanes Brighton Limited

How can you help?
Thank you all for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for this project so far, we are hopefully almost there in making it a reality.

Our planning application is now live on Brighton and Hove City Council’s planning portal and is open for public consultation. Please continue the fantastic support and click here to leave a positive comment on the application.

About Sea Lanes
Sea Lanes Brighton is set to transform the former Peter Pan site on Madeira Drive, Brighton.

The swimming centre is the vision of local people who are passionate about swimming. Sea Lanes will provide much needed swimming facilities in Brighton and will contribute significantly towards the city’s swimming pool provisions – which currently reach only 44 per cent of the Government’s target.

The pool will be accessible to everyone, with the capacity to hold 36 swimmers comfortably at any one time, and fees will be priced in line with other leisure facilities in the area. The commercial buildings, which will support the ethos of the swimming centre and the viability of the pool, will be for leisure, food and drink businesses, and will accommodate SwimTrek HQ - the winner of the Queens award and partner of Sea Lanes.

Our long-term ambitions are to build a 50m pool. Initially, we are building a 25m pool to prove the concept will be a success and will contribute to the long-awaited rejuvenation of Madeira Drive and Brighton Seafront.

Sea Lanes resubmit revised plans to Brighton and Hove City Council