Do you want to improve your swimming technique? Swim faster and for longer, with less effort? Book yourself a bespoke 1-to-1, swim coaching session at Sea Lanes and our fantastic coaches will help you develop your swimming potential, whether you are an open water swimmer, a triathlete, a scenic or a master swimmer.

In our bespoke 1-to-1 sessions, our coaches use high definition cameras to record and then analyse your technique to help you make the necessary adjustments to improve your swimming. The video of your session will be available to you with a voice-over analysis, so you are able to review it as many times as you like, continuing your training and tracking your progress. Your swim coach will also recommend the most beneficial exercise drills to improve your swimming.

Our Endless Pool
Our pool is an Endless Pool Elite, a counter-current swimming machine that is revolutionising swim instruction. But how does an “endless pool” work?...

The Elite pool uses a hydraulic motor and propellers to create a current which you swim against, making the 2.44m x 4.27m x 1m pool, “endless”. The current holds you in place, so you never reach the end of the pool - you can swim for as long as you like! The propulsion unit moves a huge amount of water under low pressure from a large opening which produces an ultra-smooth, river-like current and the speed is adjustable with the top speed being approximately 55 secs per 100m.

“Being coached in an endless pool is a really fantastic way to have your swim stroke analysed. The instant feedback through video analysis allows to you to see exactly how you move through the water and highlights the ways to become a more efficient and faster swimmer.” Andy White, swim coach.

Andy White is a qualified Open Water swim coach, who has been operating swim courses and events in Brighton for the last five years. He is an integral part of the Brighton Open Water Swimming scene and is hugely passionate about encouraging people to take up sea swimming and developing their potential in the water.

So, come down to Sea Lanes Brighton and give it a go! Why not follow your session with a sea swim to refine what you’ve just learnt?

You can book onto our swim coaching sessions here, choosing either a 30 minute session or 1 hour session. The sessions are available for adults and children.

Do you want to improve your swimming technique?
Book yourself a bespoke 1-to-1, swim coaching session at Sea Lanes.