Beach Box is a year round, wood-fired beach sauna and spa, nestled in a natural and secluded part of Brighton beach at Sea Lanes.  Choose between 2 cosy saunas in beautifully converted horse trailers and 1 larger sauna cabin – all with unrivalled views of the pier, beach and sea beyond.

We bring you the best of the traditional European sauna bathing traditions to help you wake up and connect with your body.  The sauna experience gives you space to socialise, digitally detox, relax and improve your health.  Heat up then plunge into the sea or the cold plunge pool to cool down.  We bring you the sauna experience you never knew you needed.

Enjoy our fresh water, warm and cold showers, chill out on our sun decks or in deck chairs, try our homemade salt scrubs and clay masks for all round body care.

A perfect 2 hours out which will make you feel alive!  Bring your family, friends or come on your own.