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Alejandro trained as a lawyer back in Argentina. While working at the criminal court he felt an emptiness that pushed him to look for the missing thing. Still working at the court, trying to chase the feeling that burned deep inside he immersed himself into different types of arts, mostly theatre and writing, and he was accepted to study and work at the National Opera House. Time passed and that feeling of emptiness was still present in him.
It was then that yoga came into his life. When he tried it he said: “this is it”. And this experience led him to a furious exploration of consciousness through books, travels and experiences. Turning his back on the life of a future Public Prosecutor he decided to live in the UK.
Tantra and Kundalini yoga then found him, and he chose them as vehicles for sharing with the outside world, providing an experience that can, slowly and with patience, not only strengthen the nervous system and open the body but also create an awareness of how energy works (inside and outside of the body), an awareness that can radically change our outlook on life. This happens mostly through an understanding of the mysterious process taking place between the feminine and masculine polarities that impregnates everything. This profound and sacred relationship between the feminine and the masculine is a subject that fascinates him.
Alejandro is also founder and director of the radio show A La Marchanta that runs between the UK and Argentina. The team focuses on creating consciousness and bringing an awareness of beauty into the world.
He studied transpersonal psychotherapy and Reiki in London as well.


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