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Fridays 16:00 - 17:00

Sal’s signature style is to include a whole system approach, integrating mind, body and internal state. With an increased awareness of our body and our physical patterns of movement, we are able to establish greater harmony within ourselves. Finding our autonomy to manage our 'state' and 'how we are' internally, gives us flexibility and increased choice in our thoughts and actions. Well-being is often about balance and congruence with aspects of our-self and Sal aims to help all practitioners find what they need to attain this. He teaches Vinyasa-Flow yoga which is a dynamic and fluid approach to asana (postures) integrated with breathing, mindfulness and movement. These are designed to dissolve tightness and increase fluidity and strength in the body and mind with flowing sequences and postures adaptable for all ability levels. Be prepared to be challenged and inspired at the same time! Each class is positive, inspiring and uplifting and Sal brings his wealth of knowledge and experience of yoga, psychology and consciousness into the practice so we can use it in everyday life.


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