Why has the design changed from the original scheme?
The initial plans from 2 years ago were put on hold due to the uncertainties around the wider regeneration of Madeira Drive. Since the original plans were unveiled we have been in continual discussion with Brighton & Hove City Council to ensure the delivery of Sea Lanes Brighton.

The new proposed Sea Lanes ‘meanwhile use’ plan, unveiled in June 2018 will quickly transform this part of the former Peter Pan site for at least 5 years. This ‘meanwhile use’ will provide a much-needed 25m swimming pool for the local community whilst the wider regeneration plans are finalised.

In the longer term, plans will be developed to deliver the 50m preferred alternative with the aim of lodging a separate planning application for a permanent scheme in three years.

Why is it now a 25m pool and not a 50m pool?
The supporting commercial space (39 small business units) is sufficient to support the investment and operation of a 25m pool over a 5-year period. To deliver a 50m pool, significantly more commercial space would be required and it is these proposals that will continue to be developed during the meanwhile use of the site.

This phased strategy has been developed to deliver the scheme without the need for grant funding and is seen as the most expedient way of delivering additional swimming facilities for the community. Sea Lanes Brighton long-term plan remains to deliver a 50m swimming pool that becomes recognised as the national open water swimming centre.

Will the pool be heated all year round?
Yes, the pool will be heated all year round including the winter to 26 degrees Celsius.

Will it be a ‘sea water’ pool?
No, the pool will use water treated with chlorine.

Why is the proposed scheme for only 5 years?
Sea Lanes Brighton have secured a temporary lease of five years from Brighton & Hove City Council, which will allow a significant portion of the Madeira Drive area to be developed, and kickstart the much longed for regeneration of Brighton & Hove’s last remaining non-redeveloped area.

The temporary lease will act as a catalyst for the regeneration activity while plans for wider permanent redevelopment of the site are finalised.

What do you mean by meanwhile use?
Commercial spaces, such as the former Peter Pan’s site, can often remain empty when one occupant leaves, and another has yet to be found. The term ‘meanwhile use’ refers to the short-term use of a site or premises until they can be brought back into a more permanent use in the longer-term.

Phasing the development in this way will deliver a 25m pool, which the local community can benefit from, whilst the ideal alternative and wider regeneration plans continue to be finalised.