Sea Lanes Brighton


Sustainability is and has always been at the forefront with the decisions for Sea Lanes. Powered by South Downs Leisure, we aim to implement our vision by making our facilities carbon net zero by 2030 for dry side and 2040 including our pools.

We believe that by working together, we can do amazing things and help the planet. We want to shout out from Sea Lanes roof top the impact we can have today and for the future. Please help us to make a difference locally and globally. We really can make a difference together.


We are proud to announce for every new Sea Lanes Member who joins, a tree will be planted in example locations of Madagascar, Peru and Uganda providing vital habitat for local biodiversity, and supporting the lives of local people.

When you fund tree planting through Ecologi, you are supporting a range of incredible reforestation and ecosystem restoration projects. Ecologi’s method of distributing the funding we receive means the positive impact of our community is being felt all around the world.

Not only will the trees be planted but we are extremely excited to be able to share statistics and progress of the trees as we move forward.

If you would like further details on the fantastic work of Ecologi – head over to their website.

Solar Panels

You may have noticed the solar panels on the roof of the changing village, these provide enough KWH to run the pool pumps and in the first month of Sea Lanes opening have generated 2200 kWH.


The pool cover is used overnight to retain the heat and avoid evaporation in the pool. By covering the pool, this reduces the cost of up to 20% and saves 100,000 kWh of energy with a pool cover.

We use ACO products that enhances the chlorine in the pool and also protects swimmers from being burnt from the sun also meaning we use less chlorine than other Lidos.

We ask all swimmers to wear a swim hat to help us reduce the amount of hair clogging the filters, thus ensuring a longer filter life.

Cleaning Products

We use products from Delphis that are eco-friendly and work as effectively as traditional products without lasting damage to the environment.

  • Alcohol free
  • Phosphate free
  • Plant based power
  • Vegan friendly
  • 100% Recycled bottles

Changing Village and boilers

The cubicles are made of recycled plastic.
Cold showers and showers on 30 second timers to reduce water wastage.
We can run 2 boilers rather than 3 during quieter periods.

Lost Property

Lost property is stored for 2 weeks and if not claimed, our team will sift through and all the towels are donated to Dogs Trust, goggles to local schools and water bottles donated to local charities. Our waste consumption is also greatly reduced. We will publish statistics in the coming months.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

We have separate Recycling bins – separating card, plastic and glass. Please help us reduce our waste by:

Using reusable water bottles
Buy good quality swimming costumes that last
Remembering to take your belongings home

Staff have names badges with first name only on badges, this enables us to re-use badges when staff leave.

Staff uniform, we are currently looking into sustainable uniform for staff so watch this space!

Green Travelling

We encourage green travelling to and from Sea Lanes. South Downs Leisure have purchased 3 electric bikes for staff to use to travel between centres.

Staff meetings are online to minimise travel between centres.

Going Paperless

We are implementing paperless across all our site and includes electronic contracts, invoices and timesheets for staff.