Sea Lanes Brighton

Barre Set

Sculpt and Energise with Barre, Pilates and Strength training moves designed for the mind and body.

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Sculpt and energise with Barre and Pilates moves and the power of the sea view.

Instructor Katie brings her experience teaching across wellness festivals including Happy Place, Soul Circus, Wilderness and Brighton Fitness festival to combine energising playful moves set to uplifting playlists to boost endorphins and aim to leave you feeling more confident.

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The Barre Set experience is a guided low impact pilates and strength training moves, with high repetition flows to fire up every muscle and create the famous Pilates or Barre burn.

We focus on balance, alignment and stretching throughout the session to improve your strength and flexibility with each mindful movement. We can’t wait for you to join our kind and inclusive beach community.

Classes are beginner friendly and we encourage everyone to listen to their body each day to take the class at your own pace and listen to the modifications. Book your mat online or email for private classes and questions

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