Sea Lanes Brighton

Luna Wave

Brighton’s only Yoga Studio overlooking the sea

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Opening times
Monday 06:45 - 21:00
Tuesday - Thursday 06:45 - 20:00
Friday 06:45 - 18:30
Saturday 07:45 - 13:30
Sunday 07:45 - 15:00

Luna Wave is a unique, purpose built Yoga studio on the First Floor of the East End of the Sea Lanes site.

Expansive bi-fold doors that merge the indoor and outdoor spaces allow you to connect with the sea and the spaciousness of the horizon as you practise. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience guided by expert teachers in an inviting community-led space.

We hold a wide variety of classes and workshops in the studio to suit everyone’s unique needs and desires; whether you practise Yoga to help you loosen your tight shoulders, create more calm and meaning in your life or use it as an opportunity to focus and tune into your breath, we have a teacher and a class for you.

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