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Award-winning trips to over 50 of the world’s best swimming locations.

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SwimTrek is the leading specialist in swimming adventures worldwide, with over 20 years expertise and trips to 50 of the globes best swimming locations.

Dive into iconic races like the Hellespont, explore the pristine waters of the Galapagos, or embark on a modern-day Odyssey in Greece. Our trips range from relaxing retreats and coaching camps to adventurous liveaboards and challenging expeditions. Each SwimTrek adventure is guided by our expert team, ensuring a safe and memorable experience.

Whether you’re looking to improve your open water skills, explore new destinations, or simply enjoy the tranquillity of swimming in stunning locations, SwimTrek has something for everyone.

Join us to swim some of the world’s most beautiful waters, from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia and beyond.

Ready for an adventure? Visit to discover more and book your next swimming holiday.

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