You assess the situation; is it a ‘push through’ pain, or an ‘ease off’ one? Will it shake off by tomorrow or maybe it’s something requiring more rest and recovery time? Either way this enforced change is a frustration.

If a few days later the ‘shake it off by tomorrow’ route doesn’t seem to be the one you are on, it may be wise to seek professional advice for an assessment and diagnosis, and most importantly, a plan.

As a physiotherapist, we are skilled to carry out rigorous musculoskeletal assessments, we can also sign-post you if any further investigations look necessary, and equally are happy to give advice and monitor if this is more appropriate than more frequent visits. Vitally, we should be able to give you an approximate answer to the ‘when can I get back to…? question.

Hopefully the mental and physical demands of a rehab programme provide an alternative focus to the loss of your usual activities. However, in my 25 years of experience as a physio, and longer as an avid sportsperson (I never thought I’d be grateful of the learning experience of a fractured spine – caused by a dubious decision of my mountain biking skills)! I appreciate the emotional challenges that come with it.

There is the acceptance of the loss of what your sport gives you on a daily basis; The endorphins and dopamine hit, the social aspect, the fix of being outdoors, the pushing yourself to the limits. Has this scuppered a training or competing goal? Has it sidelined an active holiday? Will you need to take sick leave? The frustration of being unable to carry out usually automated activities of daily life. It can be tough.

For an easier travel through recovery, I try to embrace this forced wobble. It’s a good time to respect the incredible machine the body is, its remarkable abilities to keep up with the brain’s next crazy ideas with mostly unquestionable obedience. We seem to view our bodies as invincible, more so than our aging boilers or cars, which we expect to have an occasional mechanical episode!

Assisting clients get though their rehab is something I feel a hugely privileged to be involved in. It takes a lot of collaboration and trust. After the patience and interest of friends, family and co-workers has understandably evaporated… even though you’re not yet ‘fixed’, we’ll still be working together to get you through and out the other side of the injury zone.

If you need any advice regarding an injury, feel free to to email me on or book in via our website or call 01273 732835.